Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Man to Marry

I swear, the excitment with my child never stops.  She has the amazing ability to turn even those most bland of conversations into something worth texting my mom about.  A couple days ago, while out and about with B, the guy I've been dating the past several weeks (I guess he's not officially my boyfriend...I'm so inept at this whole dating situation that I can't say I'm 100% positive WHAT he is.) we stopped for frozen custard.  Of course, as soon as we walked in the doors, kiddo saw the poster on the wall with the pictures of all their delicious "signature" treats, immediately choosing the Dirt and Worms variety (Oreo cookies & gummi worms in vanilla custard) for herself, and picking out one for me, and one for B as well. 

Well, everything was going fairly normal (for us, at least...I can't say we're ever truly "normal") until we sat down in the booth with our custard and kiddo began talking about her daddy and her soon-to-be stepmom.  Her story about trying on flower girl dresses was quickly followed by a rather chipper, "My mommy really needs to find some guy to marry!" 

I felt my face flush red and I buried it in my hands, just laughing.  Of course, B, being the amazing sport he is laughed and asked her why and she responded that she "needs a stepdad." least she knows what she wants?

And the fact that B didn't get the deer-in-the-headlights look and flee from us when kiddo called him my boyfriend 17 times and put her flowery headband on his head, and then announced to him that I need to find a man to marry...well, that speaks pretty highly of him.

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