Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hoarders: Six Year Old Edition

My child is a hoarder.

Every scrap of paper, every cheap plastic fast food kid's meal toy, every leaf and rock that she thinks looks cool, winds up in our apartment.  Now, keep in mind that I said apartment.  It's not exactly the biggest place in the world, and storage space is pretty limited - not to mention that she and I share a bedroom.  Two girls in one room is bad enough without adding fourteen tons of schoolwork, piles of rocks, and broken pieces of plastic spoons that apparently remind her of someone.

But, I've decided that sometime this summer, we are going through everything - and I mean everything - and tossing anything we don't use or need.  Clutter is the enemy of a happy, relaxed home, and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with finding stacks of paper with one little squiggle drawn on each page laying all over the place, and wads of Moon Dough sticking out from under the coffee table.

I'm determined to get us clean and organized by the time that school starts in August, so that mornings can go off without a hitch, and no (more) library books are lost in the pit of toys we just haaaaaave to keep, but that haven't been played with in two years.

Who knows...maybe I'll find my lost sanity in there someplace...

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  1. OMG.. I can so relate to that.. I have a little girl and she does the same thing to me. But I am getting better at it. But I need to have "clean and declutter" days or else I am doomed. And everything should have an expiration date unless it is a forever item.. so hard for me too... Get busy and all you want to do is sleep.. but the clutter is the enemy!!